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My work is inspired by the unity of family and work in the aspect of the time after my parents’ divorce. The whole material can be devided into two parts, namely past and present. One of the components of my work is the embracement of the happenings of the past, the other component focuses on observing the present. The following pictures concentrate on my present, my home and the period after my parent’s divorce, especially how the system and the every day life of the family transforms after such an unfortunate event. How can we process the fact that we have two homes at the same time when this feeling of being home is always a temporary state? Gestures, sights and tactions play the most important roles in my pictures. These act as a coordinate system in the relationships of the family members with themselves and with each other. The pictures form a family album where everyone has a role, even if they were the part of the family for a short period of time.

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