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We live our lives with overloaded visual senses. With our smartphones in hand we can capture every second, and we constantly do so. In most cases we take these pictures without particular purposes. The consequence of this tendency is that documenting our personal life is becoming more and more personal, many of them replacing written texts. Experiencing this phenomenon I started organizing  and selecting the nomerous randomly taken pictures, which later formed my visual diary. It shows how these pictures can replace written texts, hence the inner world is not represented  by drafted contents but through filtered visual aspects.
The pictures includeded were taken with no particular reason in day-to-day situations where strict concepts, planning and conventions of photography did not play a relevant role. At the same time little by little it became important for me to capture and display the bagatelle and ordinary events around me in an uncommon way. The photo diary hereby tells the story of my everyday life in fractions. The photos were taken by mobile phone, spontaneously with a documentary goal. Besides, the story of the diary aims to motivate, to attract attention to the important experience of observation.
The diary is implemented in a form of a book, which will include table of content on the wall as part of the installation. This content will present words that will guide the observer in a way that they can realise the bigger picture that these fractions belong to. This recognition aims to give the joy of observation.

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